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Forsp LLVM-based compiler

Updated 2 days ago

Solar powered noise measuring business card

Updated 5 days ago

A tiny and portable subroutine-threaded Forth.

Updated 6 days ago

Ray tracing playground in modern C++

Updated 1 month ago

Firmware and design files for an educational DSP device.

Updated 4 months ago

A portable and concise Forth implementation in modern C++

Updated 4 months ago

Microcontroller development board for Alee Forth

Updated 7 months ago

Primary repository for the DSP PAW project.

Updated 8 months ago

frontend for the bitgloo website

Updated 10 months ago

Hosted Lemmy client for old computers

Updated 11 months ago

Computer GUI for the stmdsp device

Updated 12 months ago

Code examples for the NUCLEO-L476RG development board

Updated 1 year ago

My Advent of Code answers

Updated 1 year ago

A study of efficient and precise fractal rendering

Updated 1 year ago

A floppy-disk-sized Linux system for i486

Updated 1 year ago

C++20 single-header library for embedding INI configs

Updated 1 year ago

Compile-time Huffman coding compression using C++20

Updated 1 year ago

C++14 code to convert integers to strings at compile-time

Updated 1 year ago

A very-low-power handheld gaming device

Updated 1 year ago

Compiles a LISP dialect into regular binaries using LLVM.

Updated 2 years ago