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A very-low-power handheld gaming device

Updated 1 year ago

C++14 code to convert integers to strings at compile-time

Updated 1 year ago

Compile-time Huffman coding compression using C++20

Updated 1 year ago

C++20 single-header library for embedding INI configs

Updated 1 year ago

Firmware and design files for an educational DSP device.

Updated 4 months ago

Computer GUI for the stmdsp device

Updated 12 months ago

Functional memory-mapped register I/O using modern C++.

Updated 2 years ago

Compiles a LISP dialect into regular binaries using LLVM.

Updated 2 years ago

A floppy-disk-sized Linux system for i486

Updated 1 year ago

A study of efficient and precise fractal rendering

Updated 1 year ago

A portable and concise Forth implementation in modern C++

Updated 4 months ago

My Advent of Code answers

Updated 1 year ago

Code examples for the NUCLEO-L476RG development board

Updated 1 year ago

frontend for the bitgloo website

Updated 10 months ago

Hosted Lemmy client for old computers

Updated 11 months ago

Primary repository for the DSP PAW project.

Updated 8 months ago

Microcontroller development board for Alee Forth

Updated 7 months ago

A tiny and portable subroutine-threaded Forth.

Updated 6 days ago

Ray tracing playground in modern C++

Updated 1 month ago

Solar powered noise measuring business card

Updated 5 days ago